After a week in the sunny south (no, not Chatham), Peter Johnson returns for this latest Wheat Pete’s Word.

Always one to keep it festive, Johnson kicks off this week’s word with a lovely chat about hog manure, moves on to grain storage problems in cold weather, and even tackles some wild claims of lowering soil pH with tractor exhaust.

From building soil organic matter over a farming career, to crop rotation research sources, and on to long-term use of manure, Johnson takes the time to explain some fantastic soil dynamics. All that and more below:

One thought on “Wheat Pete’s Word, Dec 21: Unlocking the Secrets of Crop Rotation (Hint: It’s All About OM)

  1. Good One Pete. Manure, well, I agree with you environmentally and usage to the crop wise, yet, what if the fellow was full and liquid?? Options?? Any thoughts on that, I am solid, have lots of storage, and can always do a temporary field storage, so I don’t want to get in the middle of that one. Tillage and PH yes; Tillage will help Ph. and Soil Fertility I am thinking. Fall tillage and then till or no till in the spring always does better here. There was a 10 Bushel to the Acre advantage here in Soybeans this year in favour of fall tillage (Mulch Till) and then no till or a light disking in the spring panting. No till into Corn Fodder was 10 bushels less in Soybeans, yet, I do admit the fall tillage on that farm had about 1/4 ton – Acre of Cattle manure on it. I heard the one if I understood it correctly about growing Hay(Bale), Wheat(Bale and sell grain), Soybeans(Soy Fodder makes both Feed and bedding, sell grain). Soy Fodder, had it analyzed, and more feed value to it than one would think. Buying the shelled corn; Haven’t tried it yet, yet, have to have enough manure to make it work I am thinking, but if the heard numbers were high enough I think it’d work well off the top of my head. Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Pete.

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