Why Are There So Few Women in the Corner Office?

Is Shaun Haney unknowingly biased? Why is agriculture so very short on good people to fill jobs — from the farm level to the corporate office?

Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst joins (the possibly-biased) Haney to talk about recent research by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council that outlined the huge personnel gap in farming and agriculture processing. In addition, the CAHRC also looked at the out-of-whack number of women in managerial positions vs. university and college enrolment, to explore if there are barriers for women looking to move up the ladder.

In the interview below, MacDonald-Dewhirst explains what’s behind the huge lack of employees in agriculture with suggestions on how we fix it, plus challenges Haney’s perception of women in leadership positions within the industry. (Full disclosure: Shaun is not actually biased — he’s very blessed to have so many talented women to work with — LS)

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