Year: 2016

SaskWheat Passes Resolution to Join Cereals Canada

The majority of Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission members at the group’s annual meeting in Saskatoon on Wednesday voted in favour of a resolution to join Cereals Canada. The commission is notably absent from the list of producer organizations that are already members of the national group that aims to “ensure a profitable and vibrant future for… Read more »

Corn School: Specific Hybrids Respond to Intensive Management in OCC Trials

How do specific corn hybrids respond to intensive management practices? Do they deliver higher yields? Are those extra bushels profitable for growers? Those are some of the questions the Ontario Corn Committee (OCC) is trying to answer with its new intensive management corn trials. At the SouthWest Agricultural Conference in early January, OCC’s Dr. David… Read more »

Disregard the Unicorn and Run the Farm Like a Business — The 5% Rule

There are a lot of good operations out there. But they could be great, says Kristjan Hebert, if managers stopped looking for unicorns, or big home runs, and focused on making small changes. Hebert is a managing partner at Hebert Grain Ventures, a 12,000 acre grain and oilseed operation in Saskatchewan. He is a chartered accountant, a… Read more »

China’s Economic Woes Leave Commodities Looking for a New Demand Catalyst

For the better part of the last two decades, commodity markets have become accustomed to demand growth from China supporting prices. Whether it was iron ore from Australia or soybeans from the U.S., sales to China grew year-over-year. However, it’s becoming increasingly likely that those days are over. Headlines over the last few week to show the… Read more »

Neonic Battle Returns to Court March 9

Grain Farmers of Ontario is heading back to court to fight another round in its court battle to contest the province’s new seed treatment regulations. GFO will be in court on March 9th. “We are pleased that the Ontario Court of Appeal has agreed to hear our case and to move quickly on the issue,” GFO… Read more »

Beef Cluster Project Finds Greenhouse Gas Emissions Down 14% in Canadian Cattle Production

Many consumers have made the choice to limit or even eliminate beef from their diets, as animal agriculture is often considered highly inefficient, and a major contributor of greenhouse gases (GHG). But findings published in December, from the first part of a Beef Science Research Cluster project, demonstrate emissions from the Canadian beef industry have lessened in a recent 30-year span. According… Read more »

$7 Million Announced at CropSphere for 40 Crop Research Projects

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced $7 million for 40 crop-related research projects at CropSphere in Saskatoon on Tuesday. Commodity organizations are chipping in an additional $2.8 million, with SaskWheat committing $1.5 million and the Western Grains Research Foundation contributing $1.1 million. “We have the largest ag bioscience research cluster in the country here in Saskatoon… Read more »

SaskPulse Members Move to Make Levy Refundable

SaskPulse members in attendance at the organization’s annual general meeting in Saskatoon on Monday voted in favour of making the group’s levy refundable. Established in 1984, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is funded by a non-refundable check-off of one per cent of the gross value of all pulses marketed at the first point of sale — the… Read more »

Can’t Take Weak Loonie for Granted

While U.S. farmers are adjusting to significantly lower grain prices, declining currency values have buffered growers in Canada and many other parts of the world. U.S. futures have dropped off, but cash values in Canada have maintained their value, and in some cases, have risen, thanks to the weakness with the Canadian dollar. “The devaluing of the… Read more »

The Seedpod — Ep 6: When Mergers and Acquisitions Come in Droves

According to data gathered by Thomson Reuters, 2015 was a banner year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), generating $4.7 trillion in announced deals. It’s no surprise to those of us in agriculture, who witnessed a wave of mergers, including the surprising union of Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer. “You have to start by realizing M&A is constant,… Read more »

“If I Won the Lottery…” — Farmers’ PowerBall Dreams

Leave it to farmers and the ag community to come up with a good way to spend US$1.3 billion (minus taxes of course, but for Canadians, even more with the exchange rate). With the winning numbers going unclaimed on Sunday, the jackpot in the U.S. PowerBall will be the first to exceed the $1 billion… Read more »

Farm Safety: In Their Hands, On Their Minds

Universities are sometimes said to emphasize theory over practice. But when it comes to farm safety, agricultural diploma program students at the University of Manitoba get both. When these students reconvene for class at the University of Manitoba this week, farm safety will be on their minds and in their curriculum. Thanks to advances being… Read more »

Wheat School: More Pain Than Gain When Combining Top-Dress N With Fungicide

So you’re looking to apply some late nitrogen to boost wheat protein. The recommended timing is immediately after anthesis, just a few days after applying fungicide to protect the head against fusarium head blight. Would it work to combine…? Don’t even think about it, says Dave Franzen, soil specialist at North Dakota State University. “To put… Read more »

Agritechnica 2015: The Wacky, The Wonderful and The Whimsical

In 2015, both Jason Stroeve, RealAgriculture’s video editor, and Shaun Haney, founder of the site, traveled all the way to Hanover, Germany for the world’s largest agricultural trade fair for equipment and machinery. The crew came home with all kinds of great footage, photos and stories. So much so, that it gets a little overwhelming… Read more »

Starting the Year in High Supply — This Week in the Grain Markets

Markets across the board started 2016 a little rough as fresh Chinese economic concerns continue to show contraction which led to not one, but two halts to trading in their stock markets this week! While the Chinese government moved to support the market immediately by flooding it with fresh capital, the broader market still isn’t… Read more »