The application of “big data” in farming makes sense in theory. More data enables better decision-making, but at the individual farm level it can be difficult to accumulate a large enough sample size for actionable agronomic analysis. Variety XYZ performed well on one field last year, so should you grow more of that variety next year? Or… Read More

Real Agriculture’s resident agronomist Peter Johnson has found yet another reason to grow wheat. In this episode of Wheat School, our intrepid WheatPete turns reporter as he interviews Dr. Tom Bruulsema, the International Plant Nutrition Institute’s Phosphorus Program Director, on how farmers can better manage phosphorus application by including wheat in the rotation. Bruulsema notes… Read More

We’ve had another amazing year covering and discussing the exciting world of agriculture here at RealAgriculture. With the books closed on 2015, we’ve compiled a list of our most viewed articles. We knew the enormous response to Alberta’s Bill 6 and Ontario’s seed treatment regulations would show up, and machinery articles are always popular, but there… Read More