Beef Market Update: 2017 Starting off on Firm Footing

We’re kicking off the Beef Market Update with likely the most positive-sounding Anne Wasko we’ve heard since last spring (it’s not her fault, dem cattle markets, you guys).

Kelvin Heppner steps in for Shaun Haney in this latest look at beef and cattle prices across Canada and into the U.S., and Wasko can’t help but hit the high notes, from positive feeding margins, to strong prices across several weight classes of cattle.

After a thorough re-cap of where we’re at, Wasko looks ahead to USDA cattle numbers set to be announced in a few weeks, and Canadian cow-herd numbers aren’t far behind.  Could we see 3% more in the U.S. cow herd? (That’s 800,000 to 850,000 more cows, by the way) Will we see Canada pull out of a seven-year rut in regards to the cow herd? Listen on!



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