Everybody’s waiting to see what President Trump plans to do with NAFTA, but it’s unlikely it will be detrimental to the movement of cattle and pigs across the Canada-U.S. border, says Guelph-based livestock and meat market analyst Kevin Grier.

While Trump’s “Buy American” policy and willingness to flat-out talk about being protectionist are concerning, Grier says he doesn’t see there being much pressure on the livestock file with Canada.

“I just don’t see the agitation,” he says. “I would be more concerned if I could find, within the livestock and meat industry in the United States, a lobby against trade with Canada, but cattle feeders in the United States want open borders. The hog industry does. Certainly the packing industry does.”

Kevin Grier

“Other than the cowboys in R-CALF, if I could point to a strong lobby against open borders to Canada in livestock and meat, I would be getting worked up about it, but I can’t. That’s the bottom line.” he continues.

While Trump could be a wild card, groups like R-CALF are unlikely to get their way on country of origin labeling or other protectionist policies with a Republican Congress, notes Grier.

“The main thing our livestock industry has had to worry about over the years has been a Democratic Congress. That’s why we got country of origin labeling,” he says.

Grier joined us on RealAg Radio this week to chat about what all the trade news surrounding Trump could mean for Canada’s hog and cattle sectors:

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