Food companies and millers are knocking on grain buyers’ doors looking for oats that have been grown without an application of glyphosate.

Demand for “glyphosate free” oats has ramped up over the last few months, says Kenric Exner, merchandising manager with Viterra.

“We’re starting to see more end-users in the U.S. ask if it’s possible. Some in Canada, domestically, already have these parameters in place today,” he says in the interview below. “The oat trade is very small, so it doesn’t take very many to become the norm.”

Kenric Exner, Viterra

It’s difficult to nail down what percentage of Western Canadian oats have glyphosate applied to help with pre-harvest drydown, but Exner says industry estimates range from 50 to 70 percent of acres.

Viterra has not (yet) issued any contract program specifically for oats grown without glyphosate, as he says they’re trying to figure out how to best accommodate growers and end-users.

“We’re trying to understand what our end-use customers are demanding and what our producers can supply. We have a vested interest with both parties,” notes Exner. “At this point it’s more of an educational piece for us, understanding what the trend is, how we get there and what we can do.”

Viterra’s Kenric Exner discussed the oat market at the Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission’s annual meeting during CropSphere in Saskatoon last week:

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8 thoughts on “More Customers Searching For Oats Grown Without Glyphosate

  1. In the Mesnage et al. study,, showed that the NK603 corn had “117 proteins and 91 metabolites were found to be significantly altered by the genetic transformation process.” Thanks goes to My question is how is oats like corn changed when Roundup is used on it. Yes, I prefer Non-GMO oats and pay 20% more. The oat field should not have had any chemicals for the previous 3 years. The oats need not to be certified organic. Thanks!

    1. Richard,
      The genetic makeup of a plant is not altered by the application of glyphosate.
      There is no Genetically Modified oats in the world. Again, plants are not genetically altered by the application of chemicals.

  2. I am a consumer who has just heard about glyphosate spraying before harvest. I eat oats every day, and I am now going to buy only non-sprayed- before-harvest oats.

  3. I’ve been watching a series on the effects of glyphosate’s contribution to a myriad of human health conditions. Many of these conditions have disappeared after removing foods with traces of glyphosate residue in them such as wheat that’s been sprayed to help the drying process. Eating only no glyphosate food is a no brainer.

  4. Are we inadvertently feeding our children, whose immune systems are undeveloped, carcinogen-laced breakfast and snacks? Is an uptick in pediatric hematologic malignancies related to glyphosate exposure? Can we answer these questions with a definitive NO based on peer reviewed research? If there are no answers to the above questions then STOP using any product that contains glyphosate. Research is a slow process and waiting is not an effective strategy.

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