Negotiate to Win for Your Farm

Negotiating is a  skill you’re not likely to learn in college or university. Negotiating truly is a skill that you learn on the streets of business through practical experience. There are many ways to negotiate any deal in life, and in some form or fashion you negotiate everyday of your life. Some of those negotiations are big and some are small, yes,  but the basic theories are the same.

Farmers and ranchers negotiate on inputs, equipment, and livestock all the time.  Everyone has different priorities in any negotiation.  Some of the strategies involve a “win win,” some people prioritize winning and others focus on compromise.

I assuming that many of you also struggle with negotiating so I searched out someone to help us with our negotiating skills. I found Jim Thomas who wrote the book Negotiate to Win. Jim and I chat about the basic principles of negotiating through his 21 rules for successful negotiating.

Can you actually get the best deal every time?

Enjoy this discussion with Jim Thomas as he discusses his principles, techniques and steps to help us all become better negotiators.

One thought on “Negotiate to Win for Your Farm

  1. I ask the price, if I am okay with it, I buy. I never ask for a different price.
    I can’t imagine my herbicide sales woman being in a position to haggle the price. Same goes for fuel dealer or parts person.

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