The Canadian Grain Commission’s large surplus from user fees over the last few years needs be drawn down and returned to farmers, says the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association.

The group has launched a petition, noting that since 2013, the CGC has accumulated at least $100 million from the roughly $1.80/tonne in fees charged to farmers for grain inspection and weighing certification.

They’re asking the CGC and the federal government to immediately reduce fees and refund the surplus to growers, explains chair and Rosetown, Sask.-area farmer Jim Wickett in the interview below.

Jim Wickett

“We feel this is getting to be quite a slush fund that’s just sitting there. It’s an excessive slush fund,” he says. “It’s time they realize they’re charging too much and this $100 million needs to come back to where it came from.”

“This didn’t come out of the blue yesterday. This account has been building up and certainly somebody in government has to have known about this for a long time,” Wickett continues.

The CGC’s fee schedule is coming up on a five-year review, as the current fees have been in place since August 1, 2013.

Wickett joined us on Real Ag Radio earlier this week to discuss the CGC’s user surplus, where the user fee issue fits with other changes the Wheat Growers would like to see made to the CGC, and more:

Patti Miller Appointed Chief Commissioner of the CGC

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