$240 Million Soybean Processing Plant Announced in North Dakota

While work continues on attracting a soybean processing plant to southern Manitoba, plans for a US$240 million soybean crush facility in North Dakota were announced on Tuesday.

Governor Doug Burgum and representatives from Minnesota Soybean Processors (MnSP) and its North Dakota subsidiary formally unveiled the proposal to build a crush facility and refinery at Spiritwood, N.D. during the Northern Soybean Expo in Fargo. (Spiritwood is approximately 175 miles from the Canada-U.S. border.)

The proposed plant would crush 125,000 bushels per day, producing 490 million pounds of oil and 900,000 tons of soymeal annually. Half the oil would be used to produce biodiesel, while the other half would be processed into food-grade soybean oil.

“Our preliminary market analysis shows there are markets this facility would serve that would complement our current efforts at the Brewster facility to reach both global and domestic markets for meal and oil,” said MnSP General Manager Scott Austin said. “We also believe that the biodiesel from this plant would serve both domestic and international markets.”

A cooperative with more than 2,300 members, MnSP also owns a soybean crush facility and biodiesel operation in Brewster, Minnesota.

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