In the eyes of General Roméo Dallaire you have three options when it comes to conflict: you can choose to just survive it; build a wall; or resolve it at home, abroad, and at the source.

Dallaire was the opening keynote speaker at FarmTech this week, and he shared stories of leadership, moral integrity, and the essence of what makes a Canadian, through the lens of his storied military career and decade serving as a senator.

Lyndsey Smith was honoured to have a chance to ask this great Canadian about his work ending the use of children as tools of war, moving forward in the face of conflict, and how he maintains hope for the future.

“Even the birds don’t sing in a village where everyone has been slaughtered”— General Roméo Dallaire shares stories of Canadian bravery in the face of incredible conflict

He also talks about how 2017 marks 100 years since Canada truly became a nation at Vimy Ridge, and that he wants to see a significant effort made to mark this truly momentous anniversary (but he’s tried to get that rolling for 10 years).

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