BeGrainSafe Receives $375,000 in Federal Funding

The federal government is joining industry partners, including RealAgriculture, in funding the Canadian Ag Safety Association’s new grain safety program.

Coinciding with Canadian Ag Safety Week, Winnipeg MP MaryAnn Mihychuk announced $375,000 in federal support in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

CASA’s BeGrainSafe program includes a mobile grain safety demonstration and training unit, as well as grain entrapment training programs for producers and emergency responders (more info and update on the program here.)

Agriculture is one of the top three most hazardous industries in Canada, according to AAFC. An average of 84 Canadians die each year in agriculture-related incidents.

The federal funds are coming from the $114.5 million Growing Forward 2 AgriCompetitiveness Program.

Canadian Ag Safety Week runs March 12-18.



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