Creativity is Free: Farm Management Lessons from Disney

Doug Lipp (right) and Kelvin Heppner at CropConnect 2017 in Winnipeg.

“Budgets are always going to be tight, regulatory issues are always going to be confounding, but creativity is free.”

Whether we’re talking about employees at Disney or on a North American farm, financial and regulatory constraints will always exist. How businesses perform within those limitations depends on creativity, stresses Doug Lipp, business consultant and author of Disney U: How Disney University develops the world’s most engaged, loyal, and customer-centric employees.

“One of the things I learned at Disney is that budget or regulatory issues are usually an excuse that senior executives will throw at me for the reason that they don’t change,” he explains in the interview below, following his keynote presentation at CropConnect in Winnipeg last month.

There’s room to invest in employees and your farm’s culture in ways that don’t show up on the wage portion of the budget, he says.

Lipp joined Kelvin Heppner to discuss how creativity can go a long way in managing employees, the need for both dreamers and do-ers on a team, and the importance of having priorities and values (at Disney every employee since 1955 has been trained to focus on Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Capacity):

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