Deciding which product to use is not easy. Depending on the category, the plethora of products or services is extensive and noisy. Whether it is biologicals, precision agriculture, or seed enhancements, to name a few, it can be very difficult to try and figure out which products are the best fit for your farm.

At the Commodity Classic, Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner were were joined by Darren Hefty, of AgPhd, to discuss the decision making that they use on their farm.

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3 thoughts on “How Do I Choose Which Product To Use? – Darren Hefty, AgPhd

  1. consistent issues with video or radio articles. The video or podcast starts fine but stops about a quarter of the way through. Just to make you aware. Hoping this can be rectified.
    Thank you

  2. My wife and I have recently moved into a home that has a large garden. We want to plant a garden, but we’re unsure what agriculture products we should use. I didn’t realize how important to choose biologicals and seed enhancements that fit your specific needs. I’ll be sure to remember this information moving forward.

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