It’s Time to Put Your Farm Data to Work With FarmCommand

“Big data” is a term that gets thrown around very regularly. In agriculture there are currently many players in the big data space, but few are making in-roads across the world. At Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Farmers Edge made a major move ahead of the competition by releasing the new Farm Command platform, which brings all of the farmer data and decision-making tools into one app.

The new generation of FarmCommand is an all-in-one farm management platform with powerful tools that help you take your farm to the next level. Fast and easy to use, FarmCommand empowers you to grow stronger, work faster, and farm smarter.

Farmers Edge also introduced its to Corn Manager to growers at Commodity Classic. The optional feature within FarmCommand combines nitrogen management, high-frequency satellite imagery and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use tool.

Find our more about the new release of FarmCommand by CLICKING HERE, or watching the video with Farmers Edge CEO Wade Barnes below (filmed as part of RealAg Radio at Commodity Classic):



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