As the weeks pass by do you keep your head down without paying much attention to the environment around you? We are all busy in our hectic lives as we try to find time for work, family, and personal time. We become so task oriented as we try to complete seeding, finish that last email, or make that last phone call before the end of the day. What if we had been more curious?

That is a question that Dori Gingera-Beauchemin, Manitoba Deputy Minister of Agriculture, asks herself and challenged the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference audience with in Calgary last month.

Some people will say that they do not have time to be curious, but that is a choice. Being curious leads to asking questions, making change, and seeking improvement in ourselves, and our relationships or activities. For Gingera-Beauchemin being more curious is something she wishes she would of latched onto sooner in her career. Listen below for an insightful, powerful interview.

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