There’s a reluctance among the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signatories to walk away from all the progress made with the deal, even though the United States has withdrawn its involvement with the deal.

And while Claire Citeau, with the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance, is disappointed with the TPP deal proper being hamstrung, she says last week’s meeting of signatories in Chile was a positive signal that remaining parties are still interested in stable trade between countries.

On the topics of level playing fields, tackling non-tariff related issues, and creating predictable and stable access to markets, Citeau says the group had constructive conversations on moving aspects of the TPP forward.

Listen below for the full conversation on the TPP meeting, plus, hear an update on CETA moving forward within Europe and here at home.

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  1. Shaun: The commercials are becoming a bit overbearing and annoying. Otherwise, good job — you have some talented reporters!! I like the short videos. Js

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