On Friday, Shaun Haney was invited to be on the Free For All Panel on Agritalk, along with Chip Flory and Jim Wiesemeyer.  Agritalk with Mike Adams has over 95 United States based radio affiliates and can be heard across North America on Rural Radio 147 (couple hours before RealAg Radio).

The topics included US / Canada dairy relations, planting delays, farm labor shortages, harmonizing cross border wheat trade and Shaun even was assigned some homework for when he joins the show again next Friday.  With trade on the minds of farmers on both sides of the 49th parallel, the panel breaks down the issues from the perspective of all the stakeholders.


Agritalk is apart of the Rural Radio 147 line up that also features our own RealAg Radio.  For more information on the entire Rural Radio lineup, CLICK HERE .  

You can find all of the RealAg Radio archive at RealAgRadio.com

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