According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers April 2017 Flash Report, Canadian tractor and combine sales are very strong when you take into account both the month to month and year to date numbers.

Here are some highlights:

  • Year to date – 4WD tractor sales are up 48.6% in comparison to 2016
  • Year to date – Self propelled combines are up 46%
  • Comparing April 17 to April 16 – 4WD tractor sales are up 119.6%
  • Comparing April 17 to April 16 – Self propelled combine are up 26.7%

You can find the entire report by CLICKING HERE

Even though the sales numbers are stronger than 2016, Canadian sales in 2017 are still below the 5 year average.

In the US, 4WD tractors are down 10.2% and self propelled combines are down 11.5% in the  first quarter of 2017 in comparison to 2016.

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