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Early adopters getting control of the most hated, difficult-to-control weeds

All farmers hate weeds. Especially weeds that are hard to kill.

Weeds are yield-robbing nuisances that compete for valuable space in and out of the seed row. Some weeds are fairly easy to deal with and only create limited stress. But then there are those that seem to create havoc every year because they are so difficult to control. Herbicide selection tends to begins with these most hated, difficult-to-control weeds.

Think about how much time is dedicated to weed control at winter meetings and seminars across Western Canada. Farmers are always looking for new strategies and technologies to get control of the yield robbing weeds. Early adopters of the latest technologies or methods are constantly attempting to get a leg up on weed control. They know that if you control the most difficult to kill weeds, you are saving your yield.

Crop production companies are constantly trying to develop solutions for these most difficult-to-control weeds. This year, Bayer is releasing a new broad-spectrum Group 2 product that deals with some of the toughest and most-hated weeds in Western Canada. As you will hear from two Western Canadian farmers in the video below, having a broad-spectrum, flexible option for controlling these hard-to-kill weeds early is critical to protecting maximum yield potential.

We would like to thank the LUXXUR early adopters, Daryl Tuck and Hugh Stewart for participating in this video.



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