TechTour: Ramp Up Seeding Turn-Around Times with the Wildcard Trailer

The Wildcard Trailer

Seeding and harvest are the two main pinch points for time on the farm. Many farmers have gone to wider implements, bigger carts, and huge tractors in an effort to cover the maximum amount of acres per day to make the most of an intense spring start. But going wider and adding capacity creates a cascade effect of needing to keep that rig going.

Together with Dow AgroSciences, we’re focusing on on-farm innovations for the 2017 season of the TechTour video series here on RealAgriculture.

Left to right : David & Theresa McClure (from Canada) and Anthony Hall

In this episode, Shaun Haney asks Australian farmer and innovator Anthony Hall about his solution to the seeding (and harvest!) time crunch — the Wildcard Trailer.

A versatile and unique-looking unit, the Wildcard has two main compartments for moving seed and fertilizer in the spring and grain in the fall, and features its own auger that can both unload and load the trailer. The auger shifts to load bins, or all the way down to fill a feed bunk, too.

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Together with Dow AgroSciences and Meridian Manufacturing, we’re giving away a Meridian HD 10-46 Auger. The contest closes July 20, 2017.

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