ADM entering fertilizer market in Canada

ADM is a major player in the U.S. fertilizer market, but it has had very little presence in the crop input business in Canada.

That could be changing, however, as the company plans to open a fertilizer distribution facility at Lajord, Saskatchewan by spring of 2018.

“This is our first opportunity to put some bricks and mortar down, and come in here in a big way,” says Travis Dreger, ADM’s fertilizer sales manager for the Canadian prairies, in the interview below.

ADM’s Travis Dreger, Wayne Dobie, Mike Lowery at the Farm Progress Show in Regina last week (l-r)

The company is partnering with the Port Lajord Terminal Corp., which will operate a 20,000 metric tonne storage site on the rail line at Lajord, Sask., southeast of Regina. The facility will be equipped for blending, coating and adding liquid products and micronutrients, notes Dreger.

He says ADM has plans to grow in Western Canada, including adding fertilizer distribution to its canola receiving site at Carberry, Manitoba.

“With the consolidation that’s happening and the changes, there’s an opportunity up here,” he says.

RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner spoke with ADM’s Travis Dreger at the Farm Progress Show in Regina last week:



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