Wednesday’s show includes more coverage from CanolaPalooza in Lacombe, including an interview with Tom Wolf on sprayer cleanout, spraying and AOS on this week’s Rocky Talk, and a farmer panel featuring Alberta farmers Greg Sears, John Guelly and John Kowalchuk (pictured above). Shaun also highlights the yet-to-be-unveiled DOT autonomous seeding machine that SeedMaster’s new sister company is working on.

Thursday’s show will include analysis of the new StatsCan numbers to be unveiled Thursday morning. Join us for RealAg Radio every weekday at 4pm eastern on Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM!


2 thoughts on “RealAg Radio, June 28: The DOT autonomous machine, sprayer cleanout and CanolaPalooza farmer panel

  1. I prefer top run the seeding and harvest equipment. Why don’t the engineers build robots for the hated jobs like picking rocks or fixing fence or analysing data.

    1. Good point Paul. I am sure there are many farmers that feel the same as you. In the case of dairy robotics I am sure there are many farmers that feel the same way as robots have replaced the practice of milking. I think picking rocks would be a task that all farmers (and their kids) would have no problem giving up.

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