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November is always a very interesting time for the markets.  Analysts begin to have an idea of the crop volume and quality and farmers and looking to solidify their new crop marketing plans and are already beginning to think about planting intentions for the coming spring.  Farmers also have to increasingly pay attention to the global production and intentions of farmers around the world which adds complexity to any marketing plan.

GrainWorld wraps all of these discussions into a two day event this fall.


GrainWorld will take place in Winnipeg November 14 and 15th, 2017 and will showcase some of the brightest in grain marketing from a technical and fundamental perspective.


Why You Should Attend GrainWorld

  • Hear global experts from Brazil, China, India, Europe and North America explain the market trends that will impact you for 2018.
  • Get a look ahead from industry innovators on the new technologies that will change the industry and how we do business.
  • Connect with 400 progressive farmers and influential global delegates to build the relationships that will shape the future of agriculture in Canada.

Shaun Haney spoke to Neil Townsend about GrainWorld and how you can make sure you do not miss this great global grain market event.



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