Bayer alerting Proline customers on how to prevent plugging issue

With fungicide season in full swing in many areas, Bayer is alerting customers about how to prevent a potential plugging issue with its Proline fungicide.

The company says some customers have observed plugging with Proline over the last few days.

“Following Bayer’s investigation, it appears that the issues are associated with the use of 80 mesh or finer screens. Customers have been able to quickly resolve this issue by switching to 50 mesh screens. In addition, Bayer’s analysis of the issue has confirmed that product performance will not be negatively affected,” says a statement from Bayer.

“While the number of reported cases to date has been small, we want to be proactive and inform all our grower and retail customers of the situation,” the statement continues. “Our recommendation based on customer experience and Bayer analysis is to apply Proline with 50 mesh screens.”

“We apologize for the inconvenience and want to ensure you have the best information available to have a positive experience with your Proline.”

Bayer suggests contacting your local rep if you have questions.

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Jan Zonderland

So what if yuo use a smaller nozzle that requires an 80 mesh screen ? Bayers recomandation is a band aid, not a solution. However I personally never had a problem with Proline so maybe people have to look at their machine’s agitating system.


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