Grain bag drying system wins gold award

The DryloBag on display  at Ag in Motion '17.

The requirement that grain must be dry enough to store without conditioning has been the primary drawback for storing grain in grain bags.

The DryloBag is designed to be a solution, enabling aeration and heating of grain for long-term storage in plastic polyethylene bags.

The innovation, originally developed for peanuts in South Africa, received the Gold Standard Award in the innovation showcase at the 2017 Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina.

As Greg Setter of Setter Manufacturing at Russell, Man., Canadian distributor for DryoloBag International, explains in the video below, a fan pumps air into a plenum which spans the length of the bag, while vents along the other side exhaust air that has passed through the grain. A supplemental diesel heater can also be used to raise the temperature of the air by up to 11 degrees Celsius. The bags come in 165′ lengths, with 9′ and 10′ widths, with capacity of approximately 7,300 and 8,400 bushels.

“I see farmers using them early in the year. When they can use and take their commodity off dry, they’re going to use their conventional systems, and then when the weather becomes adverse, they’re going to go back to the Drylobag,” says Setter.

Check out the video for Setter’s explanation of the concept and how the DryloBag works, including the fan and heating requirements, and potential uses in North America:


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