Poll: Is McDonald’s really a restaurant?

When someone suggests going to a restaurant to eat, does the well-known ________ chain with the golden arches come to mind?

McDonald’s has certainly tried to enhance its image well beyond being a source for quick, cheap (and delicious) calories in recent years, upgrading its buildings with TVs, lounge areas, and other aesthetics to improve the customer experience. They’ve also ‘up-scaled’ the menu with fancier burgers, salads, and beverages.

So do you consider McDonald’s to be a “restaurant”? Or simply fast food? McDonald’s itself has argued, for tax reasons, that it’s a better fit in the “supermarket” category.

On Friday’s RealAg Radio show, Shaun noted his mother would likely not consider McDonald’s to be a restaurant (which she confirmed via text a short while later.) The feedback from that discussion led to our latest RealAg poll. How do you view McDonald’s?



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