Alanna Koch throws her name in the Saskatchewan Party leadership ring

Alanna Koch at the 2015 Advancing Women Conference.

In a decision that had been rumoured for weeks, Alanna Koch, Deputy Minister to the Premier of Saskatchewan, has officially announced her intention to run for the leadership of the Saskatchewan Party.

Koch highlighted how she wants to continue on the track that Brad Wall put the province on, in an interview with Shaun Haney on Monday.

“Brad Wall put this province on the right track, we made sure that we got out of the way of business, science and evidence based decision making gives agriculture and our resource industry an opportunity to grow the economy of the province.”

You can hear the answers to the following questions in the full interview below:

  • Why have you made this decision to run for the leadership?
  • You are a very familiar name in Saskatchewan agriculture but what about outside our comfy bubble — what do you have planned for the rest of Saskatchewan?
  • As the highest ranking bureaucrat in the province, can people expect something different policy-wise from your campaign than they got from Brad Wall.
  • Did Premier Brad Wall have any last words of advice for you?

Koch has served as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Executive Director of the Western Wheat Growers.


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