Aimed at producers who are tired of shovelling, sweeping and sneezing their way through the dregs of grain bins, Grain Systems, Inc (GSI) announced a new bin technology at Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois this week.

The patent-pending technology, named FlexWave, consists of two inflatable liners that replace the bin floor. To empty the bin, the liners fill with air to gently push grain into a centrally-located conveyor trough.

“So you have a set of blowers that actually blow air between the liner and the bin wall, and surprisingly, it takes very little air pressure to do that — less than one psi,” says Jonathan Waits, product manager with GSI.

The small amount of air pressure required makes for easy patch repairs, should an accidental puncture occur. And the overall efficiency of the system offers producers another level of safety in the workplace.

FlexWave liners inflate and deflate to push grain to the centre of the grain bin. (Photo: GSI)

“FlexWave technology results in 99 percent clean-out and eliminates the risk of entrapment from
falling grain or auger entanglement since it is truly a zero-entry bin unload method,” says Greg Trame, GSI director of engineering.

GSI plans to have the first commercially-available FlexWave system ready in 2018, after the successful completion of field trials that will look into aeration and diameter range possibilities.

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