Interest rate increases coming to Canada and the impact of trade talks on the Canadian economy

The Canadian economy has been healthy as of late, which has many farmers with higher debt levels somewhat concerned about interest rate increases in the near future. Farmers have enjoyed a low interest rate environment for quite some time, but the reality is – the Bank of Canada has some some decisions to make.

Additionally there is much noise about NAFTA and TPP talks ongoing which matter greatly to the export driven economy of Canada. With so much of Canada’s export market in flux, the economy’s health is sure to be impacted which ever way these trade deals go.

Catch More Canadian Beef Industry Conference Coverage

Bank of Montreal chief economist, Doug Porter, spoke at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference this past week in Calgary. Kelvin had a chance to talk with him about the economic policy, upcoming interest rate raises and trade talks around the world.

Listen to the interview and hear the answers to the following questions:

  • Will the Bank of Canada raise rates one more time this year, what about 2018?
  • Are there interest rate raises in reaction to the US economic policy?
  • What is driving this growth in the Canadian economy?
  • What impact could the infrastructure bank have on the economy in Canada?
  • What is your perception of the NAFTA talks on the economy if the agreement was to be tore up
  • What do you envision Canada’s trade concessions will be in the NAFTA talks and what are those concessions in relation to TPP concessions?
  • What are your perceptions of TPP and what happens next without the United States involved
  • What is your perspective on the impact of the carbon tax on the Canadian economy.

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