Manage your grain with confidence with OPI Blue

Farmers invest a lot to produce a crop, from before the seed hits the ground through to the harvest. With all the investment and technology that goes into producing a crop, why stop short when the grain hits the bin?  Some of the most successful farmers are using technology to ensure they have the information they need in the palm of their hand.

OPI BLUE provides advanced grain monitoring for peace of mind – anywhere, anytime on all your mobile devices. Increase your profits by maximizing quality, reducing loss, and minimizing shrink. OPI BLUE, with automated fan control technology allows you to turn your aeration system on and off when you want to while also supporting hourly grain temperature and moisture readings, grain inventory levels and Weather station integration. OPI BLUE’s fan control technology can reduce fan run times by up to 80%.

As farmers purchase land that is further away from the home yard, many farmers now have to deal with the challenge of managing bin sites that are remote.  Challenges like this can be made easier with a system like OPI BLUE.

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Hear more about OPI BLUE in this product spotlight, by Shaun Haney at the Ag In motion farm show in July.



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