RealAg Radio, August 24: Clubroot in the peace region, Farmer Rapid Fire, and Wheat Pete’s Word

Thursday’s edition of RealAg Radio — highlights:

  • Clubroot hits the peace region of Alberta due to tight canola rotations ;
  • Farmer Rapid Fire – we’ve got farmers from New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. There’s a bit of a theme developing.. listen to find out what that is ;
  • Some audio from the John Gormley show – where two opposing parties face off on the topic of the Canadian Wheat Board… five years later. What has happened, and what hasn’t happened. Send us a tweet on your thoughts on the past five years of the CWB being dissolved to twitter at #realagradio;
  • RealAg Agronomist Peter Johnson educates us with another episode of Wheat Pete’s Word;

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