U.S. and Canadian beef groups still clamouring for TPP

Even though NAFTA negotiations are underway, TPP is still vitally important if Canada and the US want to expand exports.  President Trump removed the United States from TPP shortly after his inaugaration, which has caused some of the remaining eleven TPP countries to do some soul searching.

Canada has been searching for its own identity in the Asian access agreement without the U.S involved.  Even though President Trump withdrew from the TPP, the NCBA still talks about the importance of the agreement as if there is a chance that a return could happen.

“Its really about Japan; whether it is a multilateral or bilateral, Canada needs an agreement with Japan.”

John Masswohl, CCA,

At the same time, Japan has never really given up on the United States coming back to the TPP agreement with the recent implementation of the 50% tariff on frozen beef imports into Japan.  In an interview with RealAgriculture, Colin Woodall from NCBA stated that the Japanese Finance Minister was very transparent when he said that this tariff could be fixed with TPP.

So what’s next for the North American beef industry and TPP?

At the Canadian Beef Industry Conference, Kelvin Heppner asked John Masswohl of CCA if the Canadian government had taken their foot off the gas, and he replied, “that depends if you ever thought their foot was on the gas at all.”  While at CBIC Kelvin interviewed both Masswohl and Woodall to get both a Canadian and American viewpoint on the future of TPP with or without the United States.


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