Volatility leads the way heading into the thick of the fall run – Brian Perillat, Canfax

As Canadian ranchers and feeders head into the the thick of the fall run there are many variables that come into play.  Fluctuations in export demand, the Canadian dollar, futures prices, weather, trade, and feed costs are all hanging over how great of a fall it will be for producers.

At the Canadian Beef Industry Conference, Kelvin talked to Brian Perillat, Canfax market analyst, about the health of the Canadian beef industry and to get his read on several of these factors listed heading into the fall season.

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Please listen for the answers to the following questions that Kelvin asked Brian:

  • We continue to see volatility in the Canadian cattle market, is this to continue or will prices settle?
  • Is their more volatility in the Canadian market because of the US market?
  • Are we at the top of the range for the Canadian dollar?
  • Can you comment on the health of our Canadian based packers?
  • What is your outlook for feed costs in the coming feeding season?
  • Will this Canadian cow herd ever expand?
  • What is your read on the NAFTA talks?

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