On this Agronomy Monday, co-hosts Kelvin Heppner and Shaun Haney start the discussion on Kelvin’s Hot (football) Picks. Currently sitting at 6/9, Kelvin has selected Arizona Cardinals for tonight’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. The duo also brings guests into the show, including:

  • Peter Johnson, who gives an update on weather conditions in Ontario and how much longer crops need. Plus, the concept of adding moisture back into dry beans and seeding wheat into dry soil.
  • Ron dePauw, who joins to discuss the role of genetics in wheat response to drought-stress, plus ‘too soon vs too slow’ — bringing variety technologies to the market.
  • Dan Foster, Pride Seeds, who talks about what’s going on with soybean leaves turning red.
  • Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada, who updates us on pulse fumigation requirements in India — what happens after the latest exemption expires at the end of September?

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