RealAg Radio, Sept 26: Trade, bioscience and global food security

Co-hosts Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner are covering the Agricultural BioScience International Conference and North American Free Trade Agreement talks this week, but that doesn’t stop them from getting together for this Tuesday edition of the radio show.

In today’s episode:

  • Top Ag News – NAFTA (and dairy/automobile sectors) in question period, new political poll shows Conservatives ahead, the idea of ‘fairness’, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food responds to criticism from across the floor, writing letters, an update on weather conditions, coalition forms between independent agriculture retailers.
  • NuFarm’s Boyd Bergstrum joins to talk about using Blackhawk as a fall spray.
  • Tracey Maconachie, a chairperson of the ABIC organizing committee, on the purpose of the conference, communicating bioscience, and global food security.
  • Haney talks taxes, oilseed crush, and cattle markets.
  • Erin Armstrong, Canterra Seeds, talks about her role at the company, ABIC, and her presentation at the conference — partnerships.

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