RealAg Radio, Sept 28: A Liberal, a Conservative, and a controversial tax proposal

Kelvin Heppner and Shaun Haney are back to co-host this Thursday edition of RealAg Radio. In this episode:

  • An update on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), round three discussions. Mexico’s representative says they have to have the will to table positions that encourage constructive discussions. Are the Americans deliberately putting non-starters on the negotiating table? Are these discussions a waste of time?
  • American Soybean Association says they need to find a solution to the dicamba issue (stay tuned for a Monday interview with spray specialist Tom Wolf).
  • Alberta Barley and Alberta Wheat Commission are trialling a managerial collaboration.
  • Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay sits down for an interview with Kelvin. In it, Kelvin asks if the Minister is considered speaking up against the tax change proposal, what he can say of the discrepancies between politicians and accountants, his role as Minister and more.
  • Conservative MP John Barlow (Foothills) joins Shaun to talk about the tax proposal consultations, which Barlow says do not appear to be genuine.
  • Peter Johnson, host of Wheat Pete’s Word and resident agronomist, answers agronomic questions.

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