Thursday’s edition of RealAg Radio, hosted by Shaun Haney — highlights:

  • Red Sox allegedly using technology (an Apple watch) to cheat (steal and communicate the catcher’s signs) — Does this happen in agriculture? Is this any different than companies spying on each other with drones? Haney says he’s heard of seed companies planting dummy plots to fool spies;
  • Ben Voss discusses the Morris Industries’ change in ownership;
  • John Deere to acquire machine learning leader Blue River Technology;
  • Quebec’s Outstanding Young Farmers chosen for 2017;
  • What kind of dollars will producers actually see by participating in the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Project? Deborah Wilson, senior vice president with BIXS, joins Kelvin Heppner;
  • Do Sonny Perdue (U.S. Secretary of Agriculture) and Lawrence MacAulay (Canadian Minister of Agriculture) have the same challenge ahead of them?
  • Chuck Penner, LeftField Commodity Research, discusses the StatsCan report and seasonal weakness in grain markets with Kelvin; and
  • Wheat Pete discusses perennial weed control and answers your agronomy questions in this week’s Word.

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