It’s back! Welcome to the 2017-18 RealAg Hockey Pool

October has arrived, and with it, the first dump of snow on crops still out in the field in parts of Canada, the end of the federal tax change consultations, and… hockey season!

We are pumped, or, as Lyndsey might say, chuffed, to bring back the RealAg Hockey Pool for the 2017-18 season.

Will McDavid lead the Oilers to glory? Are the Leafs legit? Will the Flames point total jump as far as their average age with the addition of Jagr? With Carey Price in net, the Habs always have a shot, and the Sens seem to have a knack for finding a way to win somehow. The Jets look like they have the skill needed to contend. And Vancouver fans…we’re sorry.

The format is the same as last year. Give your team a fun name, then pick a player or team from each box in the OfficePools form. We’ll have monthly prizes and a grand prize at the end of the regular season!

Sign up for the 2017-18 RealAg Hockey Pool here.


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