RealAg Radio, Oct 13: Beef imports, food inflation and BASF’s big purchase

Co-hosts Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner start off the show with a discussion around the multi-cultural New Orleans, and, of course, sports. Then, on this Friday episode of the show:

  • Top Ag News – BASF makes a big purchase, Saskatchewan crop report, National Beef Check-Off going up, new poll showing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could have a race on his hands, and Canadians’ opinions on the proposed tax changes.
  • Anne Wasko, Gateway Livestock Exchange, joins Shaun to discuss why beef imports are down, prices at the farm gate, feeder prices, and good margins on both sides of the border.
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (round 4) negotiations “feel a little bit awkward”.
  • Analyst Kevin Grier provides an update on the latest grocery report and delves into “food inflation”.

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