RealAg Radio, Oct 23: Variable rate, fall fertility and wildfires

To start, a reminder that today is the last day to register for our hockey pool. And, while you’re in the competitive mindset, we’ve launched a contest for ten tickets to BeefTech in Edmonton.

Okay, today is Agronomic Monday. On the show:

  • Top Ag News – Alberta Agriculture’s provincial crop report; wildfires resulting in the tragic loss of an Alberta rancher, two still in hospital, and around 750 cattle dead or euthanized; Canada moves to the offensive on the trade file; Republican Senators showing both optimism (and concern) with North American Free Trade Agreement; another big merger (Agrium and Potash Corp); and AccuWeather’s winter forecast for Canada.
  • Echelon’s variable rate technology.
  • Agronomists Norm Flore and Peter Johnson join for today’s Agronomy Panel, discussing fall weed control and fertility, the impact of wildfires, and a crop update.

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