Wheat Pete’s Word, Oct 4: Is it too late to plant winter wheat?

In this episode of The Word, host Peter Johnson gives an update on weather conditions, field progress, and yields, then delving into hay crops, organic matter and copper and zinc on wheat. Also: is it too late to plant winter wheat?

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01:00 – An update on weather conditions. It seems to be staying incredibly dry, and poor wheat stands. You’re not planting deep enough! Plant to moisture.

02:05 – DO NOT take the wheat out and re-plant it.

03:00 – Some unbelievable silage yields. Plus other updates. Send in your yields!

04:50 – Questions on IP soybean yields vs RR soybeans. Some people talking about a 10bu/ac yield differential.

06:20 – It’s only the beginning of October and already hearing, “how late is too late to plant wheat?”

09:10 – Questions around criss-cross planting wheat, and planting 3bu/ac.

10:50 – Any thoughts on twin-row wheat?

11:15 – Advice for wheat-soy-wheat rotation? Yes, grow corn.

12:10 – Colin has a hay crop, desperately needs forage. To wait or not to wait.

13:10 – White mould in soybeans. Is alfalfa susceptible? Should I worry about it following soybeans?

13:55 – Oat crop with biopellets. How much does increase will you see in organic matter?

14:40 – Should you take mixed hay out now to grow corn next year, or later?

15:15 – Will fall-applied hog manure be tied up in alfalfa? Then next spring kill it and strip-till it to grow corn.

15:55 – Tillage on red clover.

16:20 – Copper and zinc on wheat.


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