Amazone’s dual-auger, 4WD, zero-turn lawn harvester

Image via Amazone.

Amazone is taking lawn mowing (harvesting?) to a whole new level.

The company’s Profihopper is on display at Agritechnica this week. The 24.5 horsepower machine features a flail mower with a two-part auger system. According to the company, the mower is “unimpressed by whether the grass is wet, especially tall or even dense”.

The mower’s four wheels are each driven by their own hydraulic motor, controlled depending on forward speed and steering wheel position. The system allows for zero-turning four-wheel drive capabilities.

With no air assistance to move clippings, the company says noise levels stay low, and operation is virtually dust-free.

Amazone’s Jonathan Jost joined RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney to talk about the Profihopper at Agritechnica earlier this week


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