In the dairy food value chain processors play an integral role in product development. Dairy product development puts dairy components in protein bars, protein powder, ice cream, yogurt and baby formula. to name just a few.

At Farm Journal’s MILK Business Conference, attendees heard from Micheal Dykes, President and CEO of the International Dairy Foods Association.

Shaun Haney caught up with Dykes following his participation in a panel that included fellow dairy industry CEO’s Tom Vilsack, and Jim Mulhern.  

The duo discussed:

  • The economic health of dairy processors in the United States;
  • Merger and acquisition activity in the dairy processing industry (and whether or not we can expect to see more going forward);
  • Supply management — does it create interest or deter investment in the Canadian markets;
  • The International Dairy Foods Association’s position on what needs to happen in the NAFTA talks, particularly in relation to market access, class 7 pricing and supply management.

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