Declining milk powder prices have dramatically affected the U.S. dairy market

No matter where you run a dairy farm, the key is to get the milk out of the cow. Canadian and American dairies live under different marketing schemes, but there are many more similarities than differences.

At the MILK Business Conference in Las Vegas, Mike Opperman, editor of MILK Magazine, chatted with Shaun Haney about the state of the dairy industry and some of the topical issues the dairy producer has on their mind. As we hear in the interview below, some of Shaun’s perceptions of the U.S. dairy industry proved to not be true.

Mike Opperman

Here is a sampling of the questions Shaun and Mike discussed.

  • How is the global dairy industry coping with the demand for butter fat?
  • Importance of China in dealing with milk powder?
  • Why are robots becoming so appealing in the U.S. while they have been in Canada for a longer period of time?
  • How is big data playing a role on dairy farms?
  • How is finding a processor the key to growing production on your dairy farm? How is that different than 10 years ago?

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