The RealAgriculture crew — including Dick Haney, Shaun Haney, Kelvin Heppner and Jason Stroeve — have already been covering Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany for three days. They’ve been fuelled by German (and Australian) food, energy drinks, and some healthy competition.

The quartet has documented machines ranging from autonomous lawn mowers to half-track tractors. And, perhaps one of the most interesting and sobering was one they learned about today — an armoured tractor.

“It’s essentially a John Deere tractor on the inside, but on the outside, it’s painted in a military colour and has steel plating all around the bottom and around the cab; the glass is all bullet-proof,” says Heppner, in the wrap up. “And so it’s made to withstand bullets or shrapnel from antipersonnel landmines or ordnances unexploded on the ground.”

Hear more about the armoured tractor, Dick Haney falling asleep during today’s recording of RealAg Radio, and the ratio of manure spreaders to corn headers, in today’s wrap-up with Shaun Haney and Kelvin Heppner:

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