Today’s episode of RealAg Radio is coming all the way from Germany, where Shaun Haney, Kelvin Heppner and our very own production editor Jason Stroeve are en route to Agritechnica. In the show:

  • Top Ag News
  • Trade updates
  • A forecast for Agritechnica (and what Kelvin’s really excited about)
  • Would you ever relocate your farm?

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One thought on “RealAg Radio, Nov 10: Blurry castles, mixed messages and relocating the farm

  1. I would never consider relocating.
    Producers from Alberta buy land here but they never move here. This is happening more and more and strains the local social infrastructure. People move out, land is sold but no one moves in to take their place. School shrinks, rink cannot pay its own way. The RM have considered a recreation tax on land to allow the RM to allocate some funds to the Community Hall and the Rink and the Day Care etc. This would force these absentee landowners (and of course all land owners, the tax has to be applied to all) to help pay for some of the local recreational infrastructure, being they are too stuck up to move here. So far the motion has been defeated . But it will be brought up again at the next budget meeting.

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