Host Shaun Haney says we are better as an industry when we genuinely try to understand other points of view. Hosting once again from Las Vegas, Nevada, Haney covers:

  • Top Ag News (as always) with Kelvin Heppner.
  • DEF winter storage considerations.
  • Chip Flory, host Market Rally – All things markets — corn, soybeans, and the whole oilseed complex, and where he sees us going in 2018.
  • Jim Mulhern, president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation – Immigration reform and what is it going to take to satisfy the U.S. dairy industry on NAFTA — a compromised solution, or a complete dismantling of the supply management system?

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2 thoughts on “RealAg Radio, Nov 8: The oilseed complex and what it will take to satisfy the U.S. dairy industry

  1. Funny how US dairy so worried about our CA consumer & how the CA dairy should drop class 7 which allows CA processors to use CA milk instead of importing US subsidized milk so they can dump their over produced milk. CA dairy receives fair return for actual cost to produce without any government subsidy. As a Canadian you should be proud to support CA ag and only pay once for dairy at the market instead of another tax.

    1. your statement on the goals of class 7 is correct Jim but you have left out a piece of the puzzle. Canada is now increasing the amount of milk proteins on the global market and the US and others have issue with its impact on milk powder prices.

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