While much of the focus on beef has been on international negotiations, Gateway LIvestock’s Anne Wasko brings the numbers a little closer to home, in the Beef Market Update with host Shaun Haney.

The United States saw great numbers for October exports, says Wasko, with “beef was up 13 percent from a year ago, pork up 9.5 percent, and broiler exports up just over 15 percent.” Canadian numbers are expected to be out next week.

The market saw some unsurprising demand around Thanksgiving, but we might be seeing it calm down now.

“As we continue to place more cattle on feed, I think there’s getting to be a sense out there that this market…settles down now, as profit-taking happens before the end of the year,” says Wasko. “Then hopefully we set the stage for, you know, the typical rally we see into the spring of 2018.”

Hear the entire conversation between Haney and Wasko, as they look at everything from U.S. exports to the view from the ranch:

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