Kubota pushing to offer a full lineup of orange ag equipment

Kubota’s push to become a full line farm equipment brand was evident at Agritechnica 2017.

From larger tractors with up to 170hp to balers to seeding equipment, the Japanese manufacturer’s orange product lineup has expanded significantly in the last few years, culminating with the launch of Kubota Farm Solutions at the global farm show in Hanover, Germany last month.

“This is our strategy as Kubota to offer our broad offering of tractors and implements as solutions for customers, together with precision farming technology,” explains Andreas Kaczmarczyk, tactical marketing manager for Kubota in Europe.

The acquisition of Norway-based Kverneland Group in 2012 enabled Kubota to add existing equipment to its lineup, including the precision planter featured in the video below.

Kubota also bought Kansas-based Great Plains Manufacturing in 2016, but the company isn’t saying when we could see Great Plains planting equipment in Kubota colours in North America.

“For Europe, we have seen how it went with the acquisition of Kverneland, so we are approaching (the acquisition of Great Plains) step by step, looking for synergies, and looking forward to extend our portfolio, but at the moment we can’t say anything about timing,” says Kaczmarczyk.

Kaczmarczyk joined Kelvin Heppner to discuss Kubota’s plans to expand its product lineup, as well as the planting unit on display at Agritechnica:



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